I consider myself, among many things, but for the relevance of this portfolio a researcher, writer, artist and art technician. I was born in Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, but immigrated to Glasgow in Scotland, where I now live and work.

To explain my activity as an artist, I prefer to define it as a direction. Direction being a direction that one observes. It is in this direction that my artwork emerges. Here there is no research or the pursuit of a theme, but a sense. In this activity the relationship with meaning is connected to observing the world through gaps. Gaps between activities, gaps between actions, gaps between materials to compose a doing and think the possible worlds, and thus cross what I develop with the pertinent themes of our time.

Christiano has a Masters in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Art at Lisbon University (PT, 2019) and an Undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from UNESA, Rio de Janeiro (BR, 2010). He has taken part in funded residencies including Resvés (PT, 2019), Projecto Pontes (PT, 2019), Aldeias em Abandono (PT, 2017), Scottish Sculpture Workshop (GB, 2016) and Plataforma Emergências (BR, 2016). His work has been shown in the exhibitions d’ici-là, Labastide-Villefranche (Fr, 2021), […] un angle à perte de vue de grues frileuses méditant beaucoup, qui, pendant l’hiver, vole puissamment à travers le silence, toutes voiles tendues, vers un point déterminé de l’horizon, d’où tout à coup part un vent étrange et fort, précurseur de la tempête, Biarritz (Fr,2020), Resvés, Castro Marim (PT, 2019), Douro Híbrido, Porto (PT, 2019) and Galeria Celeiro, Niterói (BR, 2017).